Monday, November 25, 2013

"Writers write" ... sometimes

  "Writers write."
   I know.  I know.  
   But no one every mentions that we also bitch and moan about it,  sweat over it and try to come up with some guilt-reducing excuses not to do it:  "I can't start until I get a fresh new notebook!"    (I have a drawer full of them.)
   But then eventually I write.  It feels good.  Great actually.  And I ask myself, "Why did I put this off?   It's fun!"   
    Until I get stuck ... and take a one-day break.  That can't hurt, right?   It turns into two days,  three days,  10 days,  a month.   What happened?   The cycle has started again.
   I hear myself saying:    "I can't start again until I get a fresh notebook!"    Even though all my work is done on a laptop.  Pathetic.    (21 Signs You Are Procrastinating...
   What gives?   When I am being paid to write,  I barrel through just fine.  I'm focused.  On task.  No problem. 
   But with my own writing projects... uh... 
   Now to be fair, I do eventually get there ...
   And I'm only going to pass along tips that have really worked for me.  I encourage readers of the blog to do the same.  
   Now, if you are one of those people  who has always carved out 8 hours a day to write and are finishing your projects with ease and fulfilling your wildest creative dreams ... then this blog probably ain't for you. 
     If you're struggling or ever struggled, to start or finish a writing project stick around.   And let's figure out this thing together.  
     I've got two specs,  a screenplay and a play to finish.
     So,  I guess I'm off to buy fresh new notebooks....?
     Let's hear what you're working on... 

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