Friday, December 20, 2013

An Xmas story in 140 characters or less?

Rudolph says, "You can do it!" 
      Christmas stories are classic.  From "Rudolph"  to "A Christmas Story" to "It's a Wonderful Life."   But those writers had pages and pages to tell a tale.  And let's face it, no has time for that on Dec. 20!    We still have last-minute gifts to buy.
      So let's be just as brilliant -- but brief.
     Here's the challenge:  Create a full Christmas story in 140 characters or less on Twitter.  Just one tweet with the hashtag  #xmas140.
     Remember, a good story should have a beginning, middle and end.   And it should have a touch of  humor or tension -- or both -- to keep it interesting.   If you need a  few tips before you dive in,   check out this article: "How to Write a Good Twitter Story."     Or, for a little inspiration,  see how some authors did it when The Guardian gave them a similar challenge: 140 character novels. 

        What have you got to lose?   Try it!
                      1.  Write a Christmas story in 140 characters or less
                      2. Tweet it with the hashtag  #xmas140   (If you're not on Twitter,  post your 140 character story in the comments below.)
                      3.  Read what others have tweeted.
        I  can't wait to sip my eggnog and read the stories!

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