Monday, December 23, 2013

TV personality shares her secrets to getting motivated to write

Eunice Elliott
   (Today's writing advice comes from Eunice Elliott,  who can be seen on Alabama's 13,  as a member of the Morning Show.  She is also a radio
personality and performs regularly as a stand-up comedian.  She has run her own PR firm, representing pro athletes, and has written and produced TV shows.  She's the type of person who sets her mind to something and actually gets it done -- and writing is no different.  I am glad she was willing to share some of her secrets  with us.) 

Writing Advice from comedian and TV/radio personality Eunice Elliott:
How I get myself motivated and get it done... 

      To me the art of writing is just a matter of logistics and semantics.  You have something to say, to share.  You have something that will enlighten, entertain, inform or inspire the masses.  At least that’s what you think.  The thoughts that come before ever putting pen to pad are what the miracles of life are truly.  And if you are then able to take that swirl of masterful mind play and actually transcribe it, well Wow! Just Wow!
    The hardest part of being a writer is actually writing.   Actually taking the time to stop thinking (if that’s possible) in order to get the previous thoughts out of your head.  As a writer you see your thoughts as pictures and words, but actually seeing the words on paper can oftentimes cause you to stall out, lose interest or just get frustrated and discouraged. How many times have you read that previous sentence and thought, “That’s wonderful. That’s great. What’s next?”

Date night 

     So what IS next? When I just need to “stop the voices” in my head and document their brilliance I actually schedule time that I’m allowed to write.   I use the idea of “allowing” myself because then writing feels more like a treat and less as a chore.  I light scented candles, grab a glass of wine, put on some non-lyrical music (because I will have a private, personal mini-concert for HOURS, and I am a girl) and I sit in front of my computer and write. My writing sessions almost feel like “date night."   This is my thoughts and my words special time to get together.
    Most times, there is no structure, no form.   It’s just words; the words that have been swirling in my head.   I just need to SEE them outside of my head.  Then and only then am I able to connect the dots…make sense of the brilliance that I’m certain is divinely planted, because in general terms I’m not that brilliant (flashes of greatness certainly).

 "Get to" vs. "Got to" 

    When I don’t know the words to communicate the thought, I write the closest thing I can think of and keep writing.  Many times the perfect word comes after  I have moved on and not spent an obscene amount of time on that perfect combination of letters that represents the pictures in my head.
     Look at writing as a joy, something you GET to do vs. GOT to do (although if you’re passionate about writing, it is something you’ve GOT to do). The more that you treat your writing time as a special time of your day, week and life you’ll remember why you write, find great inspiration and will hopefully enjoy a happily ever after with your words.

Eunice Elliott is a stand-up comedian, television and radio personality who enjoys writing, producing and public relations. When she’s not posting on Facebook or taking naps with her dog Gladys, she can been seen on Alabama’s 13 as a member of the morning show.  For more on Eunice check out her website at   or click these links to follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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